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Derik Hines is a creative entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about the media industry. With a talent for filming and editing, he founded Stories to Savor (STS) in 2017 after being inspired by his work with Oprah Winfrey. STS is a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence through high-quality video content, social media marketing, and web design. Derik and his team bring a unique perspective to every project, crafting custom content that tells each client's story in a visually stunning and engaging way. With his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft, Derik Hines is making waves in the media industry and helping small businesses thrive.

The Media Rescue Unit

At STS, we understand the importance of video content for small and local businesses. That's why we're here as your "media rescue unit" - providing assistance for companies looking to grow. We believe that you deserve to raise awareness for your product or establishment and your customers deserve a way to stay connected with your current and future endeavors.


In addition to video content creation, we also offer Social Media Marketing services for your business. Social Media is an essential element for business growth as it provides online exposure to a larger audience. By leveraging social media, you can scale your business and reach more people who relate to what your company is all about. Let us help you put your business in front of the right audience and take it to the next level.

Who Are We


Stories to Savor is pleased to announce our impending partnership with Marvin Mason, owner of Beyond the Page, for the continued success and expansion of his widely-acclaimed Youtube show, "Let's Read with Uncle Marv". Our team at Stories to Savor is dedicated to elevating this program and others to new heights by curating a comprehensive package that combines Youtube program enhancement, video listening, and exceptional copywriting services.


Marvin's unique and interactive platform is designed to inspire and educate, and we are committed to supporting this vision by crafting engaging, accurate, and compelling video transcriptions and descriptions to boost audience engagement, understanding, and retention.


We will ensure that every video from "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" and other ideas resonates deeply with viewers and communicates Marvin's distinctive brand and values effectively. By amplifying Marvin's voice with the power of astute listening and creative copywriting, we aspire to make "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" a cornerstone of Youtube's educational landscape.



  1. Boost Audience Engagement and Retention: Enhance the viewers' experience with captivating descriptions, transcriptions, and diversified content like behind-the-scenes footage, leading to increased interaction and viewer retention.

  2. Expand Viewer Demographics: By offering well-crafted transcriptions and introducing new content forms, aim to reach a wider demographic.

  3. Strengthen Brand Identity: Through consistent and captivating video and copywriting content, strive to reinforce and expand Marvin's unique brand identity, enhancing the connection between Uncle Marv and his audience.

Stories to Savor is committed to augmenting Marvin Mason's "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" show and future projects by offering tailored video production, listening, and copywriting services. Our focused approach will aim to increase audience engagement and retention, expand viewer demographics, and strengthen the brand identity. Through this strategic collaboration, we will help "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" and other projects created grow, providing a richer, more engaging experience for its cherished viewers.



Stories to Savor will provide comprehensive YouTube services for the "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" show. This includes diligent video listening for the accurate transcription of video content and creative copywriting to craft engaging and SEO-optimized video descriptions. These strategic services are aimed at bolstering audience engagement, broadening viewer demographics, and fortifying the unique brand identity of "Let's Read with Uncle Marv"

The Journey | The Process | The Timeframe

Screen Shot 2023-07-31 at 9.05.57 PM.png
  • Weeks 1-2 (or 3): The initial setup phase. During this period, our team will work closely with Marvin to understand his specific needs and preferences, finalize the list of video topics, and align on the brand voice to be used in video transcriptions and descriptions.

  • By the end of Month 1: Stories to Savor will deliver a substantial launch package of 33 new cover images for your current videos. These cover images will represent who your brand is, what's in the video and entice your audience to come watch. This larger initial output aims to establish a robust presence for "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" and help with the create a rich content base to engage viewers.

  • From Month 2 onwards: Starting from the second month, we will settle into a regular upload schedule, delivering 12 videos each month. Each of these videos will feature our thorough listening and copywriting services, ensuring that the content is accessible, engaging, and consistent with Marvin's brand voice.

This timeline allows us to start strong with a substantial initial cover image remodeling base and then maintain a steady stream of high-quality, engaging videos for "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" or any other content created. It's an approach designed to build momentum quickly and then sustain viewer interest over the long term.


Consultation: This step involves an initial consultation to discuss Beyond the Page goals and objectives, target audience, and current marketing efforts. The cost for this step is $175 .

PACKAGE #1 | (Social Media Marketing pay per month - $1,000) ​​

  • YouTube Program 

    • Posting Video only (No Copywriting)​

PACKAGE #2 | (Social Media Marketing initial pay - $1500)​​

  • YouTube Program + Listening & Copywriting for all videos

  • After the first month, payments for each month thereafter would be $1200

PACKAGE #3 | (Social Media Marketing initial pay - $2,000) | Total Cost: $3,100 ($1700 per month after first month for social media marketing only)​​

  • YouTube Program + Listening & Copywriting for all videos

  • After the first month, payments for each month thereafter would be $1200


  • Posting on Facebook & Instagram​

  • Content Calendar each week

  • New Ad cover design for your business needs

  • Vetted credible articles & other content tailored to match your business

  • Call to Action post included


  • 2 Day Shoot (4 hrs per day)

  • Behind-the-scenes (no major graphics)

    • 10 BTS clips per month


The overall time frame for social media marketing can range from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity, availability of resources, and client collaboration for the initial start. Thereafter, 12 videos will be uploaded per month and a Content Calendar will go out for approval content by Wednesday of each week. Social Media payment is due in full before process starts. Every 30 days thereafter a payment is due. 


Stories to Savor is committed to maintaining clear communication, meeting project milestones, and ensuring the highest quality production to create impactful products for Inde TV.

Upon reviewing the proposal, lets grab another phone call so that we can iron out some exact dates that you'd like to start the filming process. 

Stories to Savor is set to partner with Marvin Mason's "Beyond the Page" and his YouTube show "Let's Read with Uncle Marv", to enhance its online presence and broaden audience reach. Our services will focus on creating eye-catching customized cover images, performing video listening for accurate transcriptions, and crafting engaging, SEO-optimized descriptions for all videos.

The initial phase involves a substantial uplift of the current 33 videos with new, engaging cover images, costing $1500. From the second month onward, we will support the ongoing growth of "Let's Read with Uncle Marv" and other production created by delivering 12 videos each month with our comprehensive YouTube services at a consistent rate of $1200 per month.

Once we have your approval, we will have an Acceptance of Project email sent for signing with the final total amount. The Acceptance Project will have:


As we embark on this digital journey, our commitment goes beyond merely achieving the set goals; we strive to redefine standards of social media engagement for independent digital content creators like "Beyond the Page". Our aim is to craft compelling stories online, resonating with audiences around the globe, one video at a time. We eagerly anticipate starting this enriching journey with "Beyond the Page" by Marvin Mason.

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