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Stories to Savor (STS) is a lifestyle media network with the platform for students to work in the media industry within a professional environment. STS seeks to give students hands-on experience and training; working on “real life” industry projects, capturing authentic Chicago as well as giving them the opportunity to strengthen their skills in their selected choice of positions.

Students will have the opportunity to work with professional camera’s; learn what it takes to work in Pre Production - Scouting locations, storyboarding, brainstorming, and scheduling film shoots. Production - using professional camera’s to film various food shows; learning how to use external audio devices; lighting; as well as learning the industry positions: Producing, Directing, and Director of Photography to name a few. Post Production - Learning how to put together professional promotional videos for clients and shows, edit actual STS shows, and sizzle reels to capture the completeness of what STS does as a network. We are also looking for students that want to refine and strengthen their skills in Sales, Marketing, and Social Media.


For students that will be considered, there will be a formal meeting regarding their experience, desired position, and an explanation as to what they can bring to the table.

The overall goal for Stories to Savor is to get students to become sharp and efficient within this industry with the high hopes of becoming employees of Stories to Savor. And while the media industry is a very competitive market, STS gives students that first-hand opportunity to start in their field while they're in school as well as when they graduate. Stories to Savor looks to help capture moments for dedicated students in the media industry.

For further information, please email us a resume and the reason for your interest to

InternShip Program


find the position that best fit your skills and passion.



The Prodicer sets the situation for the production of a show; having control on every aspect of a film/show production. the Producer initiates, coordinates, supervies and controls all aspects of productions as was being responsible for decisions about the editorial content and creative style of a program, and ensuring the Executive Producer's/Producers vision is delivered. The Producer is given the key responsibility to create an enviorment where the talents of the cast and crew can flourish. The Producer is accounable for the success of the finished show/film; steering the show from beginning to completion and beyond. Whats asked of of the Producer:

  • Turning story ideas into profitable film/shows
  • Putting together a creative and talented cast and crew
  • Being responsible for all aspects of a film or show prouction
  • Making sure you have a good understanding of finances
  • Having a very good creative vision and being self-motivated - being good at negotiating
  • Creating the timeline of the show with cast and crew members on it and making sure that not only do all the cast and crew members have a copy, yet the clients and owners have one too.


An administrator who works closely with the producers throughou the production process. The AP is involved at the pre-production stage through to post-productons. What is asked from the Assistant Producer:

  • On location shoots, rotate the best takes for video and audio so that editors can see those notes which would help in the editing process.
  • Helping to prepare with publicity materials.
  • Has excellent organiztional and administrative skills, script reading skills, and knowlege of the film or show being worked at the time of the shoot.


As a Video Editor, you'll be working closely with the Editor. Key responsiblities in this position includes creating short promos for current shows on the newtork, creating content for various clients projects, manipulating and editing pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience. You will also create rough and final cuts for each product. What is asked of the Editor:

  • Finish projects on time
  • Stay in communication with the Producer and Executive Producer
  • Be proactive
  • Proficent in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut X
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop
  • Proficient in Adobe After Effects & Motions


Under our creative team, the Videographer will be able to quickly adapt to our brand's visual aesthetic. The videographer needs to make sure they learn the cameras we use (SONY NEX-FS700 & PANASONIC HVX250). What is ask of the Videographer:

  • Learning the importance of when and how to use the many functions of a camera frame rate,shutter speed, focus, neutral density filter, white balance, zoom zebra function, iris and gain.
  • Keeping a steady shot when in motion
  • Making sure your shots are in focus
  • Being proactive


As motion and stil graphic design intern, you'll be working the creative and marketing team to turn ideas into engaging graphics. You'l create a wide variety of graphics and images such as social media graphics, brand materials and blog posts graphics. Organization is key for us, so you'll also assist in managing and organizing the design department when it comes to internal docments and clients documents. Our ideal Graphic Design inten needs to be able to understand the Stories to Savor brand and create graphics that accurately fiit the color, look and overall feel of the company. What is asked of the Motion Graphic Designer:

  • Proficient in Adobe After Effects
  • Proficient in Photoshop
  • 2D & 3D Motion Graphics Animation
  • Completing projects on your own from research, style development, storyboard design, asset creations, animations and editing.
  • Being a great communicator
  • Attention to details
  • Being proactive and making the best decision possiible for the position that is asked.


A day in the life of one of our social media or marketing interns includes crafting captions, scheduling out content, and engaging with our audience accross different social media platforms. Our social media/marketing team also needs to reach out too new brands to collaborate with and brainstorm cutting edge marketing methods to pitch to our Marketiing Director. What is asked of the Social Media Strategist:

  • Proficient in: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere
  • Marketing reserch
  • Having a strong understanding of social media algorithm performace specifically for Facebook, Instagram and the Stores to Savor Website analytics.
  • Content planning
  • Creating business awareness and generate interest in its products or services using social networks.
  • Detailed oriented
  • A clear understand of marketing and business procedures.


The Marketing Strategist oversees the company's marketing campaigns both internally and externally and also plays a key part in communicating the organization's marketing message. What's asked of the Marketing Strategist:

  • Strong and confident communicator.
  • Excellent copywriting skills and experience.
  • Design skills include knowing how to do graphics and web design.
  • Preparing, planning and project managing the publication of all publicity material to maximise brand promotions.
  • Creating marketing campaigns and working with the company's external PR. agency to see them executed.
  • Creating and developing new innovative ways to communicate the company message to their existing customers.
  • Contributing to the annual sales and marketing plan.
  • Planning and project managing marketing events and evaluating their success.
  • Evaluating the effectivemness of all marketing activity.
  • Developing and implementing an internal marketing program.
  • Supporting the marketing manager in day-to-day marketing activities.
  • Plan, develop and deliver campaigns as agreed within timescales.