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Stories to Savor (STS) is a lifestyle media network with the platform for students to work in the media industry within a professional environment. STS seeks to give students hands-on experience and training; working on “real life” industry projects, capturing authentic Chicago as well as giving them the opportunity to strengthen their skills in their selected choice of positions.

Students will have the opportunity to work with professional camera’s; learn what it takes to work in Pre Production - Scouting locations, storyboarding, brainstorming, and scheduling film shoots. Production - using professional camera’s to film various food shows; learning how to use external audio devices; lighting; as well as learning the industry positions: Producing, Directing, and Director of Photography to name a few. Post Production - Learning how to put together professional promotional videos for clients and shows, edit actual STS shows, and sizzle reels to capture the completeness of what STS does as a network. We are also looking for students that want to refine and strengthen their skills in Sales, Marketing, and Social Media.


For students that will be considered, there will be a formal meeting regarding their experience, desired position, and an explanation as to what they can bring to the table.

The overall goal for Stories to Savor is to get students to become sharp and efficient within this industry with the high hopes of becoming employees of Stories to Savor. And while the media industry is a very competitive market, STS gives students that first-hand opportunity to start in their field while they're in school as well as when they graduate. Stories to Savor looks to help capture moments for dedicated students in the media industry.

For further information, please email us a resume and the reason for your interest to


InternShip Program


find the position that best fit your skills and passion.

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