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Hey! So Glad You're Here. 

My name is Derik Hines, and I have a passion for basketball and media. For over two decades I coached basketball on the high school and collegiate level which gave me the chance to teach young people the game, while also mentoring and helping them develop important life skills. During this time I discovered my love for filming and editing and decided to shift my focus to media work. I established Stories to Savor (STS) in the fall of 2017. At STS, we help small businesses grow by creating high-quality video content for them. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to assist these businesses in reaching their goals and watching them thrive. 

The Media Rescue Unit

At STS, we understand the importance of video content for small and local businesses. That's why we're here as your "media rescue unit" - providing assistance for companies looking to grow. We believe that you deserve to raise awareness for your establishment and your customers deserve a way to stay connected with your current and future endeavors.


In addition to video content creation, we also offer Social Media Marketing services for your business. Social Media is an essential element for business growth as it provides online exposure to a larger audience. By leveraging social media, you can scale your business and reach more people who relate to what your company is all about. Let us help you put your business in front of the right audience and take it to the next level.

Who Are We


Cathy Boswell, DBA Bos44ever LLC is seeking to create a series of promotional and marketing videos to showcase Cathy's accomplishments as a basketball olympic gold medalist, hall of famer, and collegiate basketball coach, as well as her availability for public speaking engagements and her Boswell-Lewis Legends Award & Scholarship program which ties into Title IX Advocacy.


The project includes creating four 30 to 60-second promotional videos and two 1 to 2 minute Marketing Video totaling the count to 6 videos. We would create these 3 videos in English and three in Spanish, covering topics such as "I'M BACK", Cathy's induction into the Women's Hall of Fame, her contributions to Boswell-Lewis Legends Award & Scholarship which ties into Title IX Advocacy and LA84 to Paris 2024 the 40th Anniversary of the 1984 Women's Olympic Gold Medalist Basketball team.



Stories to Savor will provide professional filming, lighting, and editing services to create high-quality videos that meet the project's goals. We will also use professional cameras and equipment to ensure the best possible footage, and backup all footage and data to prevent loss or damage.

The Journey | The Process | The Timeframe

BOSWELL HANDS OPEN_edited_edited.png

    • ​Planning for this production consists of a client meeting and collaboration with Claudia Gunter & Cathy Boswell on messaging and scripting. Getting clearance to use footage not filmed by Stories to Savor (This is moreso for the Hall of Fame event)


    • ​Pre-Production for this project consists of acquiring materials, working on solidifying a date to film the 3 topics of video with Cathy Boswell, DBA Bos44ever scouting necessary locations, and coordinating production dates.


    • This is a multi-day production for each topic video. Day 1 would be filming B-roll (supportive footage if needed) Day 2 will consist of filming at location of shoot suggested.

    • (SIDE NOTE:  Each topic would have its confirmed shoot date and date of final video completion).


    • Post-Production consists of editing and audio | voiceovers [v\o], color correction, any needed Visual Effects [VFX], and exporting final product(s)

    • Rough drafts of each video will be completed on set dates, with two revisions allowed per video. Any additional revisions beyond two will incur an additional fee of $150 per revision.

This project will involve the following videos:

  1. "I'M BACK", marketing video (1-2 minutes) featuring footage of Cathy Boswell as a  speaker for public engagements and other events, collegiate basketball player & coach and Women's Basketball Hall of Famer, as well as information about her availability for public speaking engagements and other events.

  2. Boswell-Lewis Legends Award & Scholarship video (30-60 seconds) highlighting Cathy's contributions to women's sports and how this ties into the Title IX Advocacy.

  3. LA84 to Paris 2024 video (30-60 seconds) - 40th Olympic Anniversary of the 1984 Women's Gold Medalist Basketball Team.

Each of the above videos will be produced in both English and Spanish for a total of six videos.



  • Discovery Consultation | FREE

  • Acquiring Materials | FREE


  • Project Coordination | $600


  • Production Costs | $1,800


  • Editing, VFX, Color Grading | $3,800 [if 4 videos are 30-seconds long] OR $4,200 [if 4 videos are 60-seconds long



  • $6,200 [Two 2-Minute Marketing Videos & Four 30-SECOND Promos/Commercials]

  • $6,600 [Two 2-Minute Marketing Videos & Four 60-SECOND Promos/Commercials]


Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 2.43.56 PM.png

Upon reviewing the proposal, let's grab another phone call so that we can iron out some exact dates that you'd like to start the filming process. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 2.46.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 2.46.37 PM.png
SOCIAL MEDIA ICON ROW [2]_edited.png


We would like to suggest our LinkedIn Outreach Social Media Marketing Program which will help get Cathy more speaking opportunities.

Here's what our program includes:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimized

  • New Professional Branded Social  Covers

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated Hyper Lead Generation Expert

  • Hyper Engagement to your Social Media Content

  • Hyper Engagement to your Connections

  • 100 Targeted Connections Every Week

  • Personalized Messages to Prospects

  • Outreach Messages Professional Drafted

  • Reply to all Messages

  • Campaign Setup & Execution

  • Prospects Need to be Title Driven (i.e. President, CEO or Other Title)

  • No Setup Fee

  • Month to Month Program

  • Quarterly Analytics Delivery

  • Weekly Proof of Performance

  • Consistent Strategy Zoom Calls with our Team

    •  3-months min sign up for the algorithm to kick in and the connection request to convert for better performance.

  • $875 PER MONTH

100% Done-For-You | Our job is to increase your productivity and return on investment while generating qualified leads.

We at Stories to Savor are excited about the opportunity to work with Cathy Boswell DBA Bos44ever LLC to create impactful and engaging video content. Our team of professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to bring your vision to life. We are excited to embark on this journey with Cathy Boswell DBA Bos44ever LLC and we look forward to creating videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Once we have your approval, we will have an Acceptance of Project email sent for signing with the final total amount. The Acceptance Project will have:


Thank you for considering Stories to Savor for your video production needs. Please take the time to review the survey link below. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and working together to create outstanding video content.

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