Dinner, Brunch & Dessert hosts, Jahari Wilson, and Dan Villarreal take you on an entertaining tour around the Chicagoland area to captivate some of the finest unique foods (or dishes) of small and local restaurants. DBD gives you the inside look and scoop of the rich history that these establishments have to offer. The one on one conversations with Chefs and Owners really helps our audiences understand who they are, the history, and what they provide for their customers.


These Owners and Chefs give you that hospitality feeling that is needed before you even sit down to indulge into your meal virtually and literally. Dinner, Brunch, & Dessert also showcases the cure of the taste bud cravings. Our two host, Perry “Jahari” Wilson, and Dan Villarreal take you not just to the table to dine, yet deep inside to the kitchen to show how the unique food creation planning operates.


All of the restaurants, pastry, and specialty shops feature three of their specialty items and our host gets the esteemed pleasure to go step-by-step with the Chef and/or Owner on how food is prepared. And on top of that, these hosts also gets to taste, sample, or simply entice the audience to come on in to get the same feeling on their taste buds as they get.


Dinner, Brunch, & Desserts presents restaurants that combines hospitality with great taste.








Women will be able to talk about topics that are important to women while expressing thoughts, feelings and story sharing to influence and motivate one another..

Gathering and discussing opinions of people from various backgrounds while having engagements with diverse individuals and meaningful conversations on multiple topics that center around the issues of race in the U.S.

Join our hosts as they take you on a  tasteful tour around the Chicagoland area to captivate some of the tastiest foods in the Midwest.

A heartfelt show that shares real stories from local people who have gone through adversity and how it lead them to achieving victory.