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Derik Hines is a creative entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about the media industry. With a talent for filming and editing, he founded Stories to Savor (STS) in 2017 after being inspired by his work with Oprah Winfrey. STS is a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence through high-quality video content, social media marketing, and web design. Derik and his team bring a unique perspective to every project, crafting custom content that tells each client's story in a visually stunning and engaging way. With his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft, Derik Hines is making waves in the media industry and helping small businesses thrive.

The Media Rescue Unit

At STS, we understand the importance of video content for small and local businesses. That's why we're here as your "media rescue unit" - providing assistance for companies looking to grow. We believe that you deserve to raise awareness for your product or establishment and your customers deserve a way to stay connected with your current and future endeavors.


In addition to video content creation, we also offer Social Media Marketing services for your business. Social Media is an essential element for business growth as it provides online exposure to a larger audience. By leveraging social media, you can scale your business and reach more people who relate to what your company is all about. Let us help you put your business in front of the right audience and take it to the next level.

Who Are We


JC Auto Care is a reputable automotive service provider based in Villa Park, IL, offering top-notch repair and maintenance services to its valued customers. In order to expand their reach and enhance their brand visibility, JC Auto Care has joined forces with Stories to Savor, a renowned production company specializing in creating captivating visual content. Through this collaboration, Stories to Savor aims to produce a dynamic and compelling 30-second commercial that showcases JC Auto Care expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. business. 


1. Elevate Brand Awareness: The primary goal of this collaboration is to increase JC Auto Care's brand awareness in Villa Park and surrounding areas. By producing a high-quality commercial, the two companies aim to captivate the audience's attention and make a lasting impression, positioning JC Auto Care as the go-to destination for automotive services..

2. Highlight Expertise and Services: The commercial will serve as a platform to showcase JC Auto Care's expertise and the comprehensive range of services they offer. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, the commercial will demonstrate the company's commitment to providing top-notch automotive care.

3. Showcase Modern Techniques: Utilizing Stories to Savor's advanced camera equipment and drone shots, the commercial will emphasize JC Auto Care's commitment to staying ahead in the automotive industry. It will demonstrate their use of modern techniques and cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and efficient services.


4. Logo Creation and Branding: Stories to Savor will collaborate with JC Auto Care to create a visually appealing and memorable logo that reflects the essence of the brand. A cohesive branding strategy will be developed to ensure consistent representation across various platforms.

5. Social Media and Online Presence (Optional): The commercial will be optimized for online platforms and social media channels. This will allow JC Auto Care to leverage digital marketing channels to reach a wider audience and gain exposure beyond the local market.

6. Long-term Collaboration: This initial project marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between JC Auto Care and Stories to Savor. The plan is for the partnership to extend beyond the 30-second commercial to explore otehr visual content opportunities, ensuring sustained brand visibility and growth for JC Auto Care.

At Stories to Savor, we are committed to create video content about your auto care company for your audience. Our goal is to create visually compelling videos that leave a lasting impression, elevate brand awareness, and help JC Auto Care thrive in the digital realm. We are excited to work with you. 



Stories to Savor will be dedicated to delivering high-quality video content that showcases JC Auto Cares professionalism, expertise, and commitment to exceptional service. Our comprehensive scope of services ensures a seamless video production process from concept development to distribution, helping JC Auto Care elevate their brand presence and engage their target audience effectively.

The Journey | The Process | The Timeframe

JC STILL IMAGE 1_edited.jpg
  1. Initial Consultation and Concept Development:

    • Duration: 1-3 days (depending on complexity)

    • Collaborative discussion with JC Auto Care to understand their brand, messaging, target audience, and goals for the commercial(s).

    • Brainstorming and concept development phase, incorporating the use of drone shots to enhance visual storytelling.

    • Refinement of concepts based on client feedback and approval.

  2. Pre-production Planning:

    • Duration: 1-2 weeks (depending on availability and complexity)

    • Detailed planning and organization of logistics, including location scouting for drone-friendly areas, scheduling, and casting (if needed).

    • Collaboration with licensed drone operators to ensure compliance with local regulations and capture stunning aerial footage.

    • Creation of shot lists, storyboards, and production schedules to facilitate a smooth filming process.

  3. Filming:

    • Duration: 1-3 days (depending on the complexity and number of commercials)

    • On-site filming, capturing both ground-level footage and captivating drone shots to showcase the towing operations, team members, and picturesque landscapes.

    • Utilization of professional-grade drone equipment and skilled operators to ensure safe and high-quality aerial shots.

    • Coordination with the client's team to capture the desired visuals and deliver a cohesive representation of their brand.

  4. Post-production and Editing:

    • Duration: 2-3 weeks (depending on complexity and number of commercials)

    • Comprehensive editing process to transform the filmed footage, including ground-level and drone shots, into visually stunning commercials.

    • Selection of the best shots, trimming, color grading, audio enhancements, and the addition of music, voiceovers, and graphics to create engaging and impactful visuals.

    • Regular communication with the client to gather feedback and make revisions until the final versions of the commercials are approved.

  5. Delivery and Distribution:

    • Duration: 1-2 weeks

    • Finalization and delivery of the completed commercial(s) in the desired formats (such as MP4 or MOV to fit desired Social Media Platforms), including the integrated drone shots.

    • Guidance and support in distributing the commercials across targeted platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.



Consultation: This step involves an initial consultation to discuss Sanchez Towing & Recovery goals and objectives, target audience, and current marketing efforts. The cost for this step is $175 .

PACKAGE #1 | $800​​

One 30-second Commercial

  • Duration: 30 seconds

  • Deliverables: One professionally produced 30-second commercial showcasing Sanchez Towing & Recovery business

  • Filmed & Edited

  • Using Drone Shots

  • Formatted for Facebook, Youtube, and Website

  • 2 revisions

PACKAGE #2 | $1,300

2 Commercials | One 30-second Commercial & One 15 Commercial

  • Duration: 15 seconds (1 Commercial), 30 seconds (1 Commercial)

  • Deliverables: One professionally produced 15-second commercial & one professionally produced 30-second commercial showcasing Sanchez Towing & Recovery business

  • Filmed & Edited

  • Using Drone Shots

  • Formatted for Facebook, Youtube, and Website

  • 2 revisions

  • Voiceover for both commercials

PACKAGE #3 | $1,800

3 Commercials | Two 30-second Commercial & One 15 Commercial

  • Duration: 15 seconds (1 Commercial), 30 seconds (2 Commercial

  • Deliverables: One professionally produced 15-second commercial & two professionally produced 30-second commercial showcasing Sanchez Towing & Recovery business

  • Filmed & Edited

  • Using Drone Shots

  • Formatted for Facebook, Youtube, and Website

  • 2 revisions

  • Voiceover for all commercials

PACKAGE #4 | $2,800

4 Commercials | One 60-second commercial, Two 30-second Commercial & One 15 Commercial

  • Duration: 15 seconds (1 Commercial), 30 seconds (1 Commercial

  • Deliverables: One professionally produced 15-second commercial & one professionally produced 30-second commercial showcasing Sanchez Towing & Recovery business

  • Filmed & Edited

  • Using Drone Shots

  • Formatted for Facebook, Youtube, and Website

  • 2 revisions

  • Voiceover for all commercials







  • $7,200 ($1,800 PER EPISODE)


  • $400



  • Content that is tailored toward your brand/audience

  • We encourage giving us a 3 month period to see some action/growth on your social media platform

  • Our post go by 30 day inquirments from the time you start

    • Ex: If you start on May 26th, then June 24th would be your 30 day duration​

  • $500 per month | Can cancel with just a friendly 30 days advance notice​


The overall timeframe for producing and delivering the commercial(s) with filming and editing can range from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity, availability of resources, and client collaboration. We do require a 50% down payment before the start of the filming process. The remaining balance would be due when the project is complete.


Stories to Savor is committed to maintaining clear communication, meeting project milestones, and ensuring the highest quality production to create impactful commercials with captivating drone shots for JC Auto Care.

Upon reviewing the proposal, lets grab another phone call so that we can iron out some exact dates that you'd like to start the filming process. 

SOCIAL MEDIA ICON ROW [2]_edited.png


We would like to suggest our LinkedIn Outreach Social Media Marketing Program 

Here's what our program includes:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimized

  • New Professional Branded Social  Covers

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated Hyper Lead Generation Expert

  • Hyper Engagement to your Social Media Content

  • Hyper Engagement to your Connections

  • 100 Targeted Connections Every Week

  • Personalized Messages to Prospects

  • Outreach Messages Professional Drafted

  • Reply to all Messages

  • Campaign Setup & Execution

  • Prospects Need to be Title Driven (i.e. President, CEO or Other Title)

  • No Setup Fee

  • Month to Month Program

  • Quarterly Analytics Delivery

  • Weekly Proof of Performance

  • Consistent Strategy Zoom Calls with our Team

    •  3-months min sign up for the algorithm to kick in and the connection request to convert for better performance.

  • $875 PER MONTH

100% Done-For-You | Our job is to increase your productivity and return on investment while generating qualified leads.

At Stories to Savor, we are incredibly thrilled and honored to embark on this exciting journey with JC Auto Care. Our collaboration will bring to life the exceptional services they provide through captivating videos that showcase their expertise and dedication.

By filming and editing these videos, we will create powerful visual assets that highlight the core aspects of their business and effectively convey their unique value proposition. These videos will not only be a testament to the professionalism and reliability of JC Auto but also serve as a compelling tool to engage and connect with their target audience.

As part of our comprehensive services, we will ensure that the videos we produce are seamlessly integrated into their website and social media platforms, maximizing their reach and impact. Our aim is to enhance their online presence, attract new customers, and solidify their position as a trusted leader in the towing industry.

To provide flexibility and cater to their budgetary needs, we have designed four packages that offer different options and features. This allows JC Auto to select the package that best aligns with their goals and financial requirements, ensuring they receive maximum value and return on investment.

Once we have your approval, we will have an Acceptance of Project email sent for signing with the final total amount. The Acceptance Project will have:


We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with JC Auto Care and to witness the transformative power of video in amplifying their brand. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed their expectations and help them achieve their business objectives.

Let us embark on this creative journey together, as Stories to Savor and JC Auto Care come together to create captivating videos that will elevate their brand, engage their audience, and drive success in the digital realm.

Please take the time to review the survey link below. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and working together to create outstanding video content.

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