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Stories to Savor creates promotional videos for small businesses to help them get more customers and recognition through and to their Facebook, Youtube, and webpage platforms



And guess who helped us? AMAZON! They slowed down their outreach to small businesses. This created a HUGE opportunity for us by getting these small businesses back on their feet with the creation of video content.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, it's time to take advantage of this offer. If you don't have promotional videos and/or a sizzle reel, YOUR COMPANY WON'T SURVIVE in 2019. Want me to GIVE you $700 dollars for FREE?

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                                    Understanding why you need a sizzle reel.


 Understanding what's needed in your sizzle reel.


  Providing an outline that best expresses your company.

  Simply telling your company's story so that your customers

  understand and want to keep coming back.

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AMAZON dropped THOUSANDS of small businesses according to FORBES!!! 


AMAZON dropped THOUSANDS of small businesses and will OWN (YIKES!!!) your products if you still want to sell on their platform according to FORBES which gives YOU (SMALL BUSINESSES) more reason to climb on board with what Stories to Savor can provide for you. AND we also understand the importance of you bring to the table: Value, Worth, and a uniqueness of your company.

It's only fitting for you; your company to receive this $700 bucks for FREE because small business are important to the world especially in this day and age according to CD2ACTION.

We will be building your credibility, position you as an expert, and ensure that what your business is all about is actually expressed in your video.

It GETS EVEN BETTER! How about an additional $200 bucks given to you for FREE? CLICK below to claim your additional $200. That's a total of $900 BUCKS you keep for FREE! 

Tell you what, while there still time remaining (and we know you took the time to scroll to read this), I'm going to throw in one more FREEBIE! On top of me GIVING you $700 buck, refer 5 legit business (contact them first) that you feel could benefit from getting a promotional video and/or sizzle reel created for their website and I'll GIVE you another $700 dollars for FREE.

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Again, I encourage you not to miss out on these FREE GIFTS. You will not be able to get these anywhere else. And once the timer reaches 00:00:00:00 you will not be able to get this deal again... EVER! Again, we are giving you, a GRAND total of $1600 BUCKS and I'd hate for you to not want to see your pockets, wallets, or purses grow. Furthermore, you'd also be helping out other small business by getting them the exposure they need to stay in business.  


One last thing... we provide other PRODUCTS that will help SCALE your business - taking it to the next level.  

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Don't take my word for it? Here are some testimonials that have expressed their experiences with US.

At the end of the day, do you want to be sitting in the same place you're sitting now, or do you want to make a difference in your pocket and for your business? There's failure, risk, and judgment everywhere and it's easy to fall into those categories. Stories to Savor is here for you. So let us tell your story.