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Hey! So Glad You're Here. 

Derik Hines is a creative entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about the media industry. With a talent for filming and editing, he founded Stories to Savor (STS) in 2017 after being inspired by his work with Oprah Winfrey. STS is a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence through high-quality video content, social media marketing, and web design. Derik and his team bring a unique perspective to every project, crafting custom content that tells each client's story in a visually stunning and engaging way. With his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft, Derik Hines is making waves in the media industry and helping small businesses thrive.

The Media Rescue Unit

At STS, we understand the importance of video content for small and local businesses. That's why we're here as your "media rescue unit" - providing assistance for companies looking to grow. We believe that you deserve to raise awareness for your product or establishment and your customers deserve a way to stay connected with your current and future endeavors.


In addition to video content creation, we also offer Social Media Marketing services for your business. Social Media is an essential element for business growth as it provides online exposure to a larger audience. By leveraging social media, you can scale your business and reach more people who relate to what your company is all about. Let us help you put your business in front of the right audience and take it to the next level.

Who Are We


At Stories to Savor, our mission is to bring stories to life, a commitment we're excited to extend to Martin Branding Group. As a company founded on principles of integrity and innovation, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that Martin Branding Group faces in its industry. We are honored that Darryl Martin has entrusted us with the task of revitalizing the website, infusing it with new energy through engaging videos and dynamic images. Our goal is to mirror the excellence that Martin Branding Group embodies in its own work.


1. Website Facelift:

- Revitalize the Martin Branding website with a focus on user experience, incorporating dynamic content and a fresh design to reflect the brand's evolving digital strategy.

2. Video Content Creation:

- Produce high-quality,brand-aligned videos for website integration and social media platforms, showcasing Martin Branding's unique services and client success stories.

3. Image Gallery Revamp:

- Curate and organize a compelling image gallery to highlight Martin Branding's Diverse projects, enhancing the visual appeal of both the website and social media platforms.

4. Event Videography:

- Capture key moments at Martin Branding events for use in promotional material, ensuring consistent branding and storytelling across all digital channels.

In partnership with Martin Branding Group, Stories to Savor is set to transform possibilities into tangible realities. Our dedication to excellence and storytelling is not just about delivering a service; it's about creating an experience that resonates.. We are here to put a focus for you to leave a lasting impact on your audience and unlock new horizons of success for your business to thrive in the social media world. 



At Stories to Savor, our collaboration with Martin Branding Group will include a touch-up or thorough redesign of their website to enhance user experience and engagement if agreed upon, coupled with the creation and integration of compelling video and image content. We will amplify Martin Branding's digital influence through strategic LinkedIn lead generation and comprehensive management of their Instagram account, ensuring consistent and impactful brand communication. Additionally, our services will extend to professional event videography and ongoing analytical support, all aimed at boosting Martin Branding Group's online presence and connecting effectively with their audience.

The Journey | The Process | The Timeframe


  • Web Design:

    • Modifying current websites pages by adding videos/testimonials from current and/or new clients.​

      • All content not filmed by Stories to Savor would have to be submitted in a timely manner 

      • Timeframe for modifying 2-6 pages would typically be completed within 10-14 day

  • Creating Motion Logo to go on website

  • Video Production Timelines:

    • 90-second to 2-minute marketing videos: Longer production timeline, accounting for more in-depth filming and post-production work.

  • 30-second promo videos: A quicker turnaround time, typically completed within a 14-16 day window from filming to final edits.

  • Flexible Video Production Schedule:

    • Ongoing, adaptable schedule for video production and editing, responsive to the needs of each Martin Branding client project.

    • Ability to adjust timelines and resources as required based on specific project demands and client requests.

As we embark on this collaboration with Martin Branding Group, Stories to Savor is dedicated to delivering quality and precision with each project, adapting to the unique needs of their clients. Our goal is to provide impactful digital enhancement and storytelling ensuring that every project reflects the excellence of both our brands.


Consultation: This step involves an initial consultation to discuss Martin Branding Group's goals and objectives, target audience, and current marketing efforts. The cost for this step is $175 .

PACKAGE #1 | Total Cost: $1,425 (Includes Consultation fee)​​

  • Description: 

    • Website Update: Responsible for modifying 5 pages


    • Monthly Maintenance Fee

***PACKAGE #2 | Total Cost: $2,750 (Includes Consultation fee)

  • Description: 

    • Social Media Marketing for Instagram & LinkedIn Lead Generation (monthly reoccurring payments | $1,375)

    • Video Production: One 30-second promo video with drone footage

PACKAGE #3 Total Cost: $4,850 (Includes Consultation fee)

  • Description: 

    • Social Media Marketing for Instagram & LinkedIn Lead Generation (monthly reoccurring payments | $1,375)

    • Video Production: One 90-second marketing video

    • Website Update: (2 Page minimum | $250 per page)

      • $300 monthly maintenance​

PACKAGE #4 Total Cost: $6,450 (Includes Consultation fee)

  • Description: 

    • Social Media Marketing for Instagram & LinkedIn Lead Generation (monthly reoccurring payments | $1,375)

    • Video Production: One 90-second marketing video & one 30-second promo.

    • Full Website Makeover (3 page minimum)

      • $300 monthly maintenance​


***Package #2 can be interchangeable by substituting the "Social Media Marketing for Instagram & LinkedIn Lead Generation" for a Full Website Makeover (Includes 4 pages) or updating your current website up to 5 pages.


To begin our collaboration on Martin Branding Group's project, we require an upfront payment of 50%. This initial installment is crucial for dedicating necessary resources and ensuring a smooth start to the project.


After the first filming session and the first few pages for the website is completed, an additional payment of 25% is due. This marks the commencement of the post-production phase, aligning the financial milestones with the project's progress. The final balance of 25% is to be paid upon completion of the project, coinciding with the delivery of the final edited videos and confirming client satisfaction.

Regarding the timeline, the editing and revision of each video, whether a concise 30-second clip or a detailed 90-second overview, typically takes between 14 to 16 days. This timeframe is specifically for the post-filming stages, encompassing editing and any required revisions to ensure high-quality outcomes. It's important to note that the exact timeline can vary slightly based on the selected package, as it reflects the complexity and scope of the services provided.

Updating your current website with a 2-page minimum could result into taking 14-16 days. Building your websites pages from start to finish to finish with only doing the 3-page minimum can take 14-20 days. 

At Stories to Savor, our commitment is to clear communication and diligent adherence to each project milestone, ensuring the highest standard of production in video, web design, and social media marketing. We are focused on doing our utmost to bring a smile to your face by enhancing and elevating what Martin Branding Group already has, enriching your brand's narrative and online presence with our creative and efficient efforts.

Upon reviewing the proposal, lets grab another phone call so that we can iron out some exact dates that you'd like to start the filming process. 

We are genuinely thrilled at the prospect of partnering with Martin Branding Group on these transformative projects. Your trust in Stories to Savor is both an honor and a responsibility we take seriously, and we look forward to creating impactful, high-quality work that reflects the excellence of both our brands. 

Once we have your approval, we will have an Acceptance of Project email sent for signing with the final total amount. The Acceptance Project will have:


As we navigate through this digital journey, we commit to not just achieving the goals set but going beyond, setting new benchmarks in video production, web design, and social media marketing for Martin Branding Group. Let's create compelling stories resonating with audiences worldwide, one chapter at a time. We look forward to beginning this rewarding journey with Darryl Martin.

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