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Derik Hines is a creative entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about the media industry. With a talent for filming and editing, he founded Stories to Savor (STS) in 2017 after being inspired by his work with Oprah Winfrey. STS is a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence through high-quality video content, social media marketing, and web design. Derik and his team bring a unique perspective to every project, crafting custom content that tells each client's story in a visually stunning and engaging way. With his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft, Derik Hines is making waves in the media industry and helping small businesses thrive.

The Media Rescue Unit

At STS, we understand the importance of video content and photography for small and local businesses. That's why we're here as your "media rescue unit" - providing assistance for companies looking to grow. We believe that you deserve to raise awareness for your product or establishment and your customers deserve a way to stay connected with your current and future endeavors.


In addition to video content creation and photography, we also offer Social Media Marketing services for your business. Social Media is an essential element for business growth as it provides online exposure to a larger audience. By leveraging social media, you can scale your business and reach more people who relate to what your company is all about. Let us help you put your business in front of the right audience and take it to the next level.

Who Are We


At Stories to Savor, we are honored to collaborate with National Women Veterans United and Rochelle Crump for the upcoming 29th Anniversary celebration. Our commitment is to capture the essence of this milestone through high-quality videography, creating a lasting tribute to the courage and dedicaiton of women veterans



  • Commemorative Video Reel: Produce a dynamic video reel that highlights the historical impact and achievements of NWVU over the past two decades.

  • Main Event Coverage: Film the anniversary event, crafting a highlight reel for this as well and/or 10-15 minute video that captures the spirit and emotions of the day.

  • Testimonials Compilation: Gather and film heartfelt testimonials from members and supporters, showcasing personal stories and the profound influences of NWVU..

  • Promotional Content:  Develop brief promotional clips and snippets from the vent for use in future marketing and awareness campaigns. We could also grab current video footage taken and make clips to promote the upcoming event along with promoting the organization as a whole. 

Our collaboration with National Women Veterans United is more than a project; it's a tribute to the valor and sacrifices of women veterans. By weaving together your stories and the event's highlights, we aim to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of your contributions. At Stories to Savor, we are dedicated to ensuring that the spirit of this commemorative event is captured authentically and shared widely, honoring these remarkable women and the legacy they continue to build..

We look forward to discussing these plans in more detail and are excited about the possibility of bringing these visions to life, ensuring that the digital reflection of your organization resonates with the vibrant spirit of its real-world presence.



At Stories to Savor, we are committed to providing comprehensive video production and media services tailored to celebrate and promote the impactful work of National Women Veterans United. Our scope of services includes event videography, documentary filmmaking, and dynamic promotional content, all designed to amplify the voices and stories of women veterans. We ensure each project not only meets but exceeds expectations, employing our expertise to showcase the organization's legacy and ongoing contributions to the community.


The Journey | The Process | The Timeframe

Filming Dates:

  • Flexible Scheduling: We are scheduled to film the 20th Anniversary event of NWVU on March 22nd, ensuring every key moment is captured with precision and artistry.

  • Pre-event Site Visits:  Leading up to the main event, we will collaborate with Rochelle Crump to edit and enhance various footage that showcases the rich history and current activities of the organization, supporting the anticipation and success of the anniversary.

Final Products:

  • Comprehensive Event Coverage: We deliver a professionally edited video of the 20th Anniversary event, capturing the ceremonial highlights and the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring the legacy of NWVU is beautifully commemorated.

  • Tailored Short Features: In addition to the main event video, we produce shorter, impactful clips suitable for quick distribution across various media platforms, helping to boost visibility and engagement.

  • Documentary-Style Productions: Depending on the need, we can also develop a more detailed documentary that delves into the history and impact of NWVU, providing a deep and enduring narrative that honors the organization's journey and achievements.

Completion Timeline:

  • There will be one revision before final completion of video reel. 

  • The final versions of all video and photographic  content will be completed and delivered within 4 weeks of the event.

  • Short Edits Turnaround: For any edits that are within 5 minutes in length, we commit to a completion timeline of 14 business days, ensuring quick and efficient delivery without compromising quality.

  • Extended Projects Delivery: Edits exceeding five minutes will require a more extensive timeframe, typically completed within 30-45 days, allowing for deeper content development and refinement.

  • Consistent Communication: Throughout the process, At Stories to Savor, we ensure open and continuous communication, providing updates at each stage of production to keep you informed and engaged with the project's progress.

Additional Considerations:

  • To enhance the credibility and appeal of your digital presence, we recommend incorporating testimonials from clients or participants associated with your businesses and the community center. These testimonials can provide valuable insights into the impact of your work and foster greater trust with your audience.

  • Social Media Marketing is key during and leading up to your 20th Anniversary and for your Organization. We do provide 5 day posting on your Social Media Platforms, Monitoring your Youtube Channel along with doing the copyrighting, i.e. writing out the descriptions of all of the video we'd post.

Please rest assured, our commitment to excellence and attention to detail will guide us in delivering a final product that exceeds expectations and celebrates the legacy and future of your businesses.


Consultation: This step involves an initial consultation to discuss Shrone Conaway's goals and objectives: $175. 

1.  Premiere Package

  • Price: $975

    • Tailored for essential yet comprehensive coverage, this package includes:

      • Basic Videography services with event clips delivered OR Photography coverage for the event​.

      • A 30 seconds highlight reel

      • Includes Consultation fee

2. Signature Package

  • Price: $2,175

    • The Signature Package builds upon the Premiere package with added depth, including:

      • Includes both Video and Photography 

      • A 90 second highlight reel

      • Includes Consultation fee

3. Ultimate Legacy Package

  • Price: $3,675

    • The Ultimate Legacy Package builds upon the Signature package and it includes:​

      • Social Media Marketing: 2 Social Media Marketing platform coverage for two months, including content creation and analytics.

        • Posting 5 days a week.​

      • A 2-minute highlight reel

      • Includes Consultation fee

4. Pinnacle Experience Package:​

  • Price: $8,500

    • The Pinnacle Experience Package builds upon the Ultimate package and it includes:​

      • Social Media Marketing: 6 month Comprehensive social media management with a dedicated strategist, content calendar monthly on performance

      • 5 Mini Clips on Attendee's experience

      • 3-5 minute highlight reel of event. 

      • Video footage of the event.

      • Includes Consultation fee


    • Extended Website Pages: $300 per page​

      • Monthly Maintenance: $300​

    • Additional Social media Platforms

      • YouTube Increase Engagement | Channel Subscribers | Video Views | Growth: $1000 per month​


    • Split Payment Options for Premiere & Signature Packages only: 40% upfront and 60% one week before event.

    • Split Payment Option for Ultimate & Pinnacle Packages only: 60% upfront and 40% on completion​.

  • For the 20th Anniversary event, STS Crew will be at the event for 6 hours including setup and strike (tear-down) time. 


Our project timeline is designed to ensure timely delivery of high-quality content while accommodating the diverse needs of each package. For photography, including candid shots, completion is expected within 3-4 weeks post-event. The timeline for video deliverables varies: the Video Reel will be completed in 3-4 weeks, while selecting the Pinnacle Experience Package, with its edited mini clip interviews extends the timeline by an additional 2 weeks.. Financially, we require a 40% upfront payment to secure our services and a 60% remaining balance paid before the event for both the Premiere & Signature. A 60% upfront payment to secure our services, with the final 40% payment due upon completion of the project to ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow of your event for the Ultimate & Pinnacle Packages.


Stories to Savor is committed to maintaining clear communication, meeting project milestones, and ensuring the highest quality production to create impactful work for organization.

At Stories to Savor, we are dedicated to creating narratives that touch the heart, capturing the moments that define and honor the human spirit. We approach each event with a sense of humility for the trust granted upon us and with excitement for the opportunity to document such a significant milestone as your 20th Anniversary. To us, your event is more than just an assignment; it is a crucial opportunity to highlight the impact and achievements of your organization. We are deeply committed to ensuring that every photograph and every frame narrates a story that is memorable and cherished.


Our commitment extends beyond the camera; we view this partnership as an opportunity to unlock future possibilities, a reflection of the strength of community and the beginning of a journey marked by mutual achievements.

Once we have your approval, we will have an Agreement Letter email sent for signing with the final total amount. The Agreement Letter will have:


We are eager to embark on this adventure with your upcoming event(s), ready to capture the essence of this celebration and create a lasting legacy that will inspire for years to come. Let's create something extraordinary together.

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